5 Benefits of Solar Screens in Las Vegas

The right exterior screening can make a big difference from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. The colors and texture of solar screens can enhance the façade of homes and businesses. Sunscreens on exterior doors and windows offer a variety of additional practical benefits.

door and surround windows before
door and surround windows after

Solar Screen Benefits

Exterior solar screens use a window screen mesh fabric, designed specifically for sun control. This heavy-duty material typically uses a polyester weave and vinyl or PVC coating. Not only does it help deter bugs and is pet-resistant, but it is also strong enough to withstand the high winds that whip through Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert region.

Save Energy

The heat can be brutal in the Las Vegas area during the summer months. Higher temperatures and longer days mean the air conditioning runs longer. Solar screens intercept many of the sun’s ray. Depending on the weave, solar screens can block 65% to 90% of the heat. By reducing heat gain, your home stays cooler during the hottest part of the day, lowering your energy bill.

Block Harmful UV Rays 

Ultraviolet light from the sun can cause the fabric on furniture, window treatments, and rugs to fade. It also affects the color in artwork, flooring, and photos. Closing the draperies can help retain its original look but makes your home feel dark and gloomy. UV light is also linked to eye damage and skin cancer. Solar screen fabric blocks the majority of these harmful rays, protecting your skin and the contents of your home.

Reduce Glare

Bright sunlight can create a glare that hurts your eyes and interferes with many daily activities, such as watching television and seeing screens on computers and mobile devices clearly. Reading books and magazines also becomes difficult when the light reflects off the pages. Exterior solar screens have a lower visible light transmission value than regular screens, reducing the light that comes through the window, virtually eliminating glare.

Improve Security and Safety 

Heavy duty solar screen fabric resists rips and tears. Adding it to your windows can help prevent debris, golf balls, and other flying objects from smashing windows. It also can deter attempted break-ins.

Enhance Style and Privacy

Exterior sunscreens are available in a variety of colors and weaves. Not only do they enhance curb appeal, during the day they look almost opaque. As a result, they obscure the interior of your home during the day, blocking prying eyes, while allowing natural light.

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Solar screens are a quick, inexpensive way protect your home from the sun and increase privacy. Although there are DIY kits available, they do not always contain high-quality materials. We use Phifer SunTex 80/90 solar screen woven mesh fabric, which is approved by the Melanoma International Foundation and is Greenguard Certified. It has 10-year warranty to ensure quality and it’s Made in the USA.

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